Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chicken fried fish?!?!?!

What southern boy doesn't like biscuits and gravy? Well I had never made it before, but found myself with some of mom's yeast rolls and some fresh pork sausage. I decided to start simple....cook the sausage, saute some onions, add flour, milk, and pepper. It was perfect. This was done as a side note to dinner, but found itself intertwined.

I prepared flounder fillets topped with a mixture of crab, scallops, panko, egg, and butter. After broiling them for a bit, they were placed atop rice pilaf and topped with the gravy. I figured we put gravy on fried chicken and steak, why not fish. Out of all the fish dishes I have ever cooked, this one is my favorite so far.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey day!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year. All holidays give way to overcooking and gluttonous feasting, but this is the only one that focuses on the food. I always try to go over the top and end up making way too much. This was no exception. I ended up with 7 dishes.

Sweet potato gratin
Deviled eggs
Lamb ribs
Vanilla ice cream
Roasted green beans

I won't bore you with the details of each, but here are a few that I am always questioned about.

First off, turkey. I have no qualms about using a frozen turkey, but recently I have been using fresh. I decided that this year it was only fitting that I try a fresh kosher turkey. My normal routine consists of a 6 pack of honey brown beer, along with some broth and marinate for 1-2 days. Then, I rub the bird down with oil and spices inside and out, and under the skin. I add 1/2 a chopped onion inside and that's it. Roast breast side up on 500 for 30 minutes, then flip the bird and drop the temperature to 350. Don't open the oven till it's done at a breast temperature of 155. After at least 45 minutes of sitting, it will be perfect.

This year my experiment was lamb ribs, Denver ribs to be exact. I found these on sale at the farmer's market and had to try them. They contain much more fat than beef or pork, and I was told to treat them like any other lamb cut. I wrapped them with molasses, soy sauce, sesame oil, and rosemary. Once they were done, I seared them on the grill and then roasted them in the oven for a few hours. They came out great. I already went back for 2 more racks.