Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More food porn

I found some more old pictures that should get you in the mood, and should have more to come this week. I have been so busy with music and photography projects, that I have not been cooking. I went to the farmer's market last weekend, and I think that is about to change. We are deep into the summer cooking season, so hang on tight.

Barbecued chicken with summer squash fried rice

Grilled Asian chicken with soy grilled Brussels sprouts & pepper risotto

Stuffed flounder with orange reduction & lobster mushroom gnocchi

Roasted red pepper bisque with poblano cream & grilled chicken pesto flatbread

Grilled NY Strip with sauteed spinach & mushroom polenta

Beef osso bucco

Smokey turkey (bones made great stock)

Mixed berry galette with fresh whipped cream