Friday, August 28, 2009

Habanero Lemonade

My favorite drink lately has been vodka. I found an Icelandic one that I am particularly fond of. It uses natural springs and natural volcanic rock for filtering to produce a very clean and refreshing vodka. It just doesn't have that grainy taste.

I found some great peppers at the local farmer's market, including serrano, cayenne, and habanero. I added these, along with some garlic, to an empty wine bottle and vacuum sealed it. After a week, I made a simple lemon sour mix by boiling sugar and water and adding fresh lemon juice and grated rind. I thought habanero lemonade would be excellent. I tried 1/3 shot...ok, stop right here. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! I normally eat raw jalapenos with no problem, but this had me running for the ice cubes and milk. I poured another drink in the same glass, and could still feel a singe later. The savory essence of garlic also emanates from the bottle. This would be great as a splash in a bloody mary, or as a practical joke. Otherwise, I will save this for special occasions.


Allison said...

You sick bastard.

Unknown said...

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