Thursday, August 13, 2009

A new way to smoke

I decided to try rubbing mustard on my pork butt this time, as well as omitting the molasses until it went on the smoker. I used hickory wood chunks, which are better than chips because they do not need to be soaked since they do not burn as easily. Sometimes, I throw one right into a charcoal grill. I have found that adding charcoal to the smoker in small increments will keep the smoke constant. If this is not done regularly enough, you will need to add more charcoal at each interval, which will give an overwhelming amount of smoke. In turn, your mild smokiness will turn into a mouth full of ash.

This pork roast was only around 4-5 lbs, but I still smoked it for 11.5 hours. The chickens only needed about 4. My list of ingredients for each is below. All were applied the night before. As always, add, omit, increase, or decrease the ingredients as you see fit. Your apprehension to add too much of a new thing will probably control you to not overdo it, so feel free to experiment.

1st chicken:

chicken broth
ale beer
lime juice
onion powder

2nd chicken:
soy sauce
chicken broth
lime juice
hoisin sauce
teryaki sauce
rice wine vinegar
orange juice
dark brown sugar
hot toasted sesame oil

Pork butt:
yellow mustard
dijon mustard
sweet hot mustard
chili powder
dark brown sugar
onion powder
garlic powder

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